Maps and brochures

Prague:hidden stories

Get to know Prague’s most intriguing places and the half-forgotten stories of artists, masons, astronomers, and seemingly ordinary people with uncommon courage who have written its history.

Prague:Money FAQs

A few useful tips for being smart about money in Prague

Prague:walking tours II

Join our guided walking tours. Our licensed guides will give you a tour of Charles Bridge and Malá Strana or through the Old Town and Josefov (the former Jewish Town).

Prague:Pocket Guide

Our information brochure has received a new cover and last but not least a few tips have been added.


The autumn edition of our quarterly newsletter includes a list of amazing cultural events, which will be held in the metropolis. It will guide you through Prague cemeteries and last but not least it explores Czech autumn cuisine.

Prague:walking tours

Let our professional guides take you on an engaging group walking tour of the Old Town. If you prefer a more private experience, you can book various private walking tours!

Prague:neighbourhoods | Vinohrady & Vršovice

Discover Prague’s neighbourhoods off the beaten track! Vinohrady and Vršovice offer a perfect base from which to take in the pleasures of scenic strolls, great coffee and food, and postcard-worthy architecture. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reluctant to leave.


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