Instructions for filmmakers

General conditions:

  • There is no central authority that issues film permits; rather, filmmakers must apply to the particular municipalities (Prague City Hall or Prague Municipal Districts), usually their transport departments, for a permit for each district in which a filmmaker plans to shoot. As a general rule, permits are granted based on the significance or use of the original location.
  • Currently, there are no exceptions or special permits for small crews. Permits are required for all commercial productions (films, commercials, commercial photography, etc.)
  • Some selected locations in Prague 1 are subject to special requirements (additional paperwork, more permits etc.), such as the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, and the Wenceslas Square.
  • Prague parks and green spaces are also subject to special requirements. Permits for filming in these areas are granted by municipal environmental departments.
  • We recommend hiring an experienced location manager to help you make all the necessary arrangements for organizing a film, TV or photo shoot in the historical centre of Prague. To hire a location manager, go to Czech Film Commission (, or contact us directly for more information.

Special requirements:


  • The average period required for the application is one month; however, it is possible to apply for a permit at least 10 working days in advance. If a permit is applied for within five working days before filming starts, an additional fee of 3,000 CZK is required.
  • Because several offices are involved, it cannot be guaranteed that a permit will be processed within such a short time, so we highly recommend that applicants approach the authorities as far in advance as possible.
  • When dealing with the Czech authorities, applications and related documentation must be submitted in the Czech language. Assistance with this can be provided by professional location managers that are able to assist with overall orientation in the Czech environment.
  • In some cases, it is necessary to apply with the Prague Technical Administration of Roads (TSK) or Prague City Hall’s property management department.


  • Several parts of Prague 1 that are under UNESCO protection are administered by this office instead of Prague 1 Municipal District.
  • List of locations: The Old Town Square, the Wencelas Square, and streets: Celetná, Na Můstku, Na Příkopě and 28. října.
  • Contact: Luděk Burian -, +420 236 002 542


  • It is necessary to obtain a permit from Prague City Hall’s property management department.
  • The fee for one day of shooting is 90,000 CZK (approx. 3200 EUR).
  • Contact: Luděk Burian -, +420 236 002 542


  • For the Charles Bridge, it is necessary to obtain, in addition to a permit from Prague 1, the approval of the Charles Bridge Artists Association.
  • The fee for one day of shooting is 250,000 CZK (approx. 9000 EUR).
  • There is a security company present at the bridge all the time so be aware that shooting without the permits is illegal.
  • Contact:
    Prague 1 - Pavel Kotlár -, +420 221 097 386
    Charles Bridge Artists Association -, +420 257 531 088

If you have any questions, please contact Prague City Tourism: