Austrian Embraer Jet OE-LWL Christened as the “City of Prague”

(Prague 10. 2. 2017) Embraer flies to more than 60 airports in Europe. Flying ambassador of the City of Prague transports more than 160,000 passengers annually.

Austrian Airlines and the Prague City Tourism are christening the Embraer jet with the registration number OE-LWL as the “City of Prague”. In addition to the name, the aircraft highlights the logo of the Prague City Tourism. In this way, the city will be advertised at more than 60 European airports, from Sweden to Greece and from Russia to Great Britain. Each year, this Embraer aircraft carries more than 160,000 passengers on its short- and medium-haul flights in Central and Eastern Europe.

 Prague City Tourism CEO Nora Dolanská commented: “Our cooperation with Austrian Airlines is a great opportunity to promote Prague all around Europe. Prague is the first city that has reached a successful conclusion with the airline; a couple of other European cities are currently considering following.”

 Austrian Airlines Fleet Chief Rudolf Buchsteiner adds: “This Embraer jet is not only a flying ambassador of the City of Prague, but also represents the longstanding connection between Austrian Airlines and this famous city on the Vltava River.”

 In total, Austrian Airlines will add 17 Embraer aircraft to its fleet until the end of 2017, gradually replacing its Fokker fleet. The fleet renewal program also enhances travel comfort: The cabin equipped with a two-by-two-seating is particularly spacious thanks to its ergonomic design, thus offering passengers a feeling of enjoying more space. The Embraer jets have an average age of four years, providing room for 120 passengers. The list price of an Embraer jet is about USD 52 million.