Prague City Tourism

Promoting the city as a tourist destination to both domestic and international audiences, Prague City Tourism provides current and future visitors with the latest information on Prague's attractions, experiences and services through its web site and information centres. We also book tickets, guides, tours, and other experiences.

 Prague City Tourism - our teamAs Prague's official tourism marketing organization, we work with the media and travel trade partners both in the Czech Republic and abroad in organizing educational trips, workshops, and presentations. We also attend important tourism-related events to spread the reputation of Prague as a world-class destination. Last but not least, we actively promote congress tourism and collaborate with the film industry in making Prague a location of choice for international productions.
Prague City Tourism is an active member of the following national and international organizations and associations: PCB - Prague Convention Bureau, A.T.I.C. - Association of Tourist Information Centres, ECM - European Cities Marketing and CEE - Central European Experience.