New Prague City Tourism guidebook presents cafés

(Prague 21. 2. 2017) Already third from the series focusing on high standard gastronomy, Prague Cafés companion presents 47 finest cafés in Prague.

In last few years Prague’s coffee scene is advancing hastily. And Prague is just a step away from becoming a café superpower alongside Berlin, London or New York. There are numerous cafés whose opening dates back to 19th century or world-class modern establishments.

‘This year our focus is on cafés because epicurean topics interest increasing number of Prague visitors. Lately many unconventional nouveau coffee houses had emerged and became very popular. We have also prepared a special chapter to introduce readers to typical desserts and sweets that go with coffee drinking in Prague. We wish that even those who are not spending a long time in Prague become familiar with this phenomenon,’ says the CEO of Prague City Tourism Nora Dolanská.

The guide book presents 47 superb establishments and contains a well-arranged map, short introduction to history of cafés in Prague and brief paragraph about Czech café etiquette and the most popular traditional desserts. Short previews are then divided into four categories according to what makes given cafés truly special.

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