Old Town Hall and the tower of New Town Hall with one ticket

(Prague 25. 4.) During the upcoming reconstruction of the Old Town Hall, Prague City Tourism agreed upon cooperation with New Town Hall. From the 1st of May on the access to the viewing gallery of the Old Town Hall will be infeasible. Therefore the visitors will be given a chance to visit the historical halls, chapel and the underground of the Old Town Hall and climb up the tower of New Town Hall.

Enjoying the view from the Old Town Hall tower is one of the most popular tourist experiences. It regularly attracts immense amounts of visitors, in the year 2016 more than 868.000. During its reconstruction tourists will not lose the opportunity to see Prague from the bird’s eye view. They will have a chance to climb 221 stairs of the 70 meters high New Town Hall tower to reach the viewing gallery. The tower from the 15th century provides a unique vista of the center of Prague.

“From the 15th century, the tower of the New Town Hall served as a fire lookout tower for the New Town, and later watchmen trumpeted hours from here. On the first floor, there is an originally Gothic chapel dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary and St. Wenceslas.  In 1722 it was rebuilt in Baroque style. The chapel can be also seen during events held in the Great Hall. In 1760 the Prague cubit – etalon was installed right next to the entrance. Here the merchants could calibrate their wooden measures. On the southern side of the tower, about two meters above the ground, a palindrome, a text which reads the same backward as forward, is carved in a sandstone block,” says Albert Kubišta, director of the New Town Hall. “The Tower Gallery is an integral part of the tour circuit. Here you can find temporary exhibitions of photographs and paintings or permanent exhibition about New Town’s history, its Town Hall and the adjacent Charles Square, located in the former tower keeper’s apartment. It features the oldest Prague panoramas that capture the look of Prague from elevated spots surrounding the city,” adds Mr. Kubišta.


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